Nadrazni Street Masterplan, Zdar nad Sazavou

Žďár nad Sázavou 2017

Competition 2017, winner
Authors: Ing. arch. Rudolf Grimm, Ing. Martina Grimmová, Ing. arch. Vladimír Fialka, Ing. Klára Zahradníčková
Co-author: Ing. arch. Štěpán Matějka ,

Cooperation – Traffic Solution: Ing. Petr Novotný Ph.D.

Nádražní Street is a pedestrian artery of the city. It connects two important points – the railway station and the main city square.
The project deals with the entire length of the street from the train station to the city square. The concept of the design is based on the creation of a strong pedestrian axis or promenade on the east side of the street between the station and the park U Ivana, from where it continues through the section of Nádražní Street to the existing pedestrian zone.