Square Masterplan and New Town Hall

Lázně Bělohrad 2018

Competition 2018, Prize honorable mention
Authors: Ing. arch. Rudolf Grimm, Ing. Martina Grimmová
Cooperation: Ing. arch. Štěpán Matějka , Bc. Zdeňka Krejčová, Ing. arch. Vladimír Fialka

The town hall is a building for the public. Municipality is a service to the public. Square is a civic space.
We perceive the Town hall building as one of the important symbols of the city. The design of the house is based on the context of the place. We work with the means of expression, scale and morphology of the historic buildings of the small town square and create a house that in its form represents the seriousness and solidity of the office, and in its expression it remains humble, friendly and open.
For us, the square is a civic space, a place of everyday life, a place of residence with the imprint of historical events of the city and the fates of its inhabitants.