Residential Building Gočárova

Hradec Králové 2023

Design 2019-2020
Completed 2023

The project of student accommodation on Gočárova třída is located in the wider city center in Hradec Králové. The idea of ​​a radial connection between the city center and the Prague Suburbs began to take shape at the end of the 19th century. Two buildings complement the street and complete the development of an important city street at the intersection with II. City ​​Circuit – Střelecká street.
The main facades of the houses are oriented to Gočárova Street. Facades divided into a regular grid of windows are oriented to the streets. Sliding shutters face courtyards and the neighboring gardens.
Social life from the street flows smoothly into the shared courtyard. The new buildings are designed so that their volume and ground floor solution naturally complement the gap in the urban space and emprove its quality.